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Global press & footage

We advise companies on the development of their film strategy, helping them to package their messages efficiently in films (marketing, corporate communications, PR, recruitment). We support them with a video platform for the centralised administration of all their corporate films. Organisations with large amounts of content enhance the effectiveness of their films by means of a media library that offers a brand-specific, intuitive user experience which they themselves control.


This project is based on the Corporate Video Publisher, a package solution based around a media asset management system. This allows films and other types of media and the relevant metadata to be delivered, checked, processed and distributed safely – worldwide. Web front ends for use on mobile devices and desktops, video players and video analytics are all optimised to suit the goals and target audiences in question.

• Easy access to corporate media for journalists and influencers, includes shopping cart function
• Visibility and a clear overview of company media
• Clear user rights, film and meta-data administration in multiple languages, centralised archiving rules
• High-speed operations benefit collaborations with agencies, specialist departments and regions (e.g. for localisation)
• From quality assurance, processing and posting on the various distribution channels (social media included) to in-house and external CMS and media libraries – partly automated media workflows save on personnel costs
• Synergies from associated corporate archive and video library for the SAP TV broadcasting brand