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If it comes from the heart.

We do everything for our customers. Because we can.

We believe every company has a story to tell. But sometimes they need someone to recognise that story and bring it to life by creating a compelling narrative. That’s where Bavaria Communications comes in. We’re experienced professionals in the field of entertainment with an in-depth knowledge not only of our media but also of our target audiences. We develop and produce content that moves them. For major global brands, for more than 100 years, and with over 150 creative minds realising over 300 projects a year.


We take a 360° approach. Across the globe.

We work with a pool of creative individuals to develop communication concepts for our customers – from films and events to media libraries. We produce our films at customers’ campuses, in studios and on location around the world. Our post-production team ensures perfect results on every project.



The jewel
in our crown.

BMW Group Annual Conference 2023.

The BMW Group Annual Conference took place at BMW Welt in Munich, against a backdrop that comprised a high-quality real set with a stage as well as complex LED technology, numerous cameras, and state-of-the-art lighting. The classic components of an annual press conference were combined to form a complete composition that sent out clear core messages in a TV-style live broadcast. Besides preserving the factual objectivity of communications, the objective was to address topics emotively to create an overall story that is intellectual and moving to experience and that supported the messages of the BMW brand.


We don’t specialise in anything.
Because we have specialists for everything.

Our customers include companies of global renown from various sectors of industry. With decades of experience, we’re able to offer the services they require in all the relevant areas. These include:

Strategy | Production | Brand consulting | Corporate film | Branded entertainment | Events | Visual communication | Digital solutions